[Myanmar] CLF Meetings in the Northern Region of Myanmar, Shan State

In the large cities in Shan State in the northern region of Myanmar, there was the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) and Azalea Choir concert and musical tours.


February 10 & 11: For two days during the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) at the Chinese Cultural Center Hall, Pastor Jaeyoon Park powerfully preached of the wrongdoings of the Galatia church that had mixed the law and grace and was pursuing a different gospel. The Word of the gospel was power preached;

‘Law and grace, thoughts and the Word, and works and faith should never be mixed, only by grace can we receive salvation with 100% faith.’

50 pastors from Kutkai who attended the CLF wrote notes, inclined their ears and were amazed to hear the Word about the world of grace where we are saved only by grace.

Lashio, The Northern City of the Shan People

February 12 & 13: For two days at 3pm, under the motto ‘Return to the Bible’ a CLF meeting was held at the Lashio Asia Hotel.

150 pastors attended the CLF including the chairman of the Christian Association in Lashio as well as pastors of large churches. Pastor Jaeyoon Park preach that ‘the works of man and God’s grace should not be mixed’ and preached the clear truth that ‘only by grace can we receive the forgiveness of sins and become righteous.’

 Pastors recording the sermon with their phones and writing notes, not wanting to miss even a little of the Word

Attendees discovered that they had been believing both the Word of God as well as their thoughts their whole life and answered in agreement to the Word that only by believing the Word of God can we have 100% faith. After the CLF all the attending pastors received salvation and salvation testimonies were overflowing. In addition, they asked for guidance in their spiritual life in the future.

Among the attending pastors, there was a pastor who came with the intent to investigate the Good News Mission Church. After participating in the CLF, the pastor testified that

‘All the things I heard about the Good News Mission were false.’ and that the Good News Mission Church was a biblical church, preaching the Word clearly about the distinction of the Law and grace, to lead people to the world of grace.

After the CLF at 6pm, the pastors who participated in the CLF and 500 citizens of Lashio attended the Azalea Choir concert. As the audience saw the dance, choir, musical and other performances by the students, they let go of all their worries and opened their hearts as they rejoiced with one heart. The audience that opened their hearts became brothers and sisters of the Lashio church and a new church was established.

Pyin Oo Lwin

February 17 & 18: CLF was held at 3pm at the Pyin Oo Lwin East Hotel. 100 Christian leaders from the city of Pyin Oo Lwin were in attendance.

With the topic of ‘Secret of the forgiveness of sins’, Pastor Jongyeol Lee powerfully preached the gospel to the 100 pastors: “You must distinguish the righteousness of God and the righteousness of Man through the Word”

Pastors testified that ‘now I understand the deep meaning of the resurrection’. Furthermore, after hearing the Word, pastors testified that ‘The Good News Mission is a church that God is with. It is a true church that only believes the Word.’

They requested that ‘if there is another conference like this, I wish to participate again. Please come again to our city.’