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Do you play a pivotal role in your church organization?Learn how to build your ministry and form a stronger spirit in the Lord through the power of the Gospel. Join the CLF's Conference for a Greater Awakening.

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You will learn how to harness faith to further your ministry and your spirit. And you will hear amazing testimonies from a network of global Christian leaders, dive deep into the Bible through special lectures and academies, and more.

You won’t find an event with such dynamic, life-changing content as CLF World Conference New York.

Meet your main speaker.

Pastor Ock Soo Park has striven to preach the gospel all over the world since 1962.

-Currently oversees 760 active churches in 80 countries across 6 continents

-Founder of International Youth Fellowship: educating and activating young people in 80+ countries

-Founder of Mahanaim Bible College and Mahanaim Bible Training Center

-Bestselling author of 70 gospel and self-development publications that have transformed lives

-Spiritual advisor to national heads of state in South America, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific

-Educational pioneer of “mind education” for schools, companies, and churches both in the US and abroad

Don’t take it from us.

CLF Founder Pastor Ock Soo Park has been endorsed by some of the most influential Christian leaders today:

Bishop Dr. Joseph Serwadda
Pastor of Victory Christian Center in Kampala, Uganda

“In every generation, God looks for a man to become His voice in his generation. Noah was the voice of repentance, Abraham was the voice of faith, and Moses was the voice of liberation. John Wesley and Martin Luther were voices of the Reformation. God has chosen Pastor Ock Soo Park as the voice that affirms salvation by the grace of God is real in today’s day and age.”

Dr. Tevita Nawadra Banivanua
Formal President of the Methodist Church, Fiji

“In 2009, the military government in Fiji forced us to close our churches. We then began to look for the DNA of the Methodist Church. Pastor Ock Soo Park has given us the very thing we were looking for. His message that our sins have been eternally forgiven is the very thing John Wesley was all about. Pastor Park is someone who is bringing the church back to Jesus Christ.”

Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez
Formal President of Paraguay

“Pastor Ock Soo Park has delivered a love-filled hope to Paraguay. While working in the Good News Mission, he has spoken to the hearts and minds of people everywhere. I faced difficult moments as President of Paraguay, including my battle with cancer. Pastor Park's prayers and fellowship were a big strength. I believe no one can doubt that he is the true servant of God.”


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