Pastor Ock Soo Park

  • Founded Good News Mission and International Youth Fellowship (IYF)
  • ‘New Leader of Korean Churches’ Award (May, 2004, the Daily Sports)
  • Established 700 ministers in 760 churches
  • Sent 6,091 College Student Volunteers to over 89 Countries through Good News Corps Program
  • Main lecturer of IYF World Camp and World Christian Leaders’ Workshop
  • Main lecturer of Minister of Youth World Forum and World Education Leaders Forum
  • TI&E Lecturer Appointed by Army Headquarters and Reformation Committee member of Suwon prison


  • 2015 Benin Merit Medal
  • 2005 Hankookilbo Newspaper A New Korean Grand Prize
  • 2004 Herald Religion A True Religious Person Grand Prize

“Before I was born again, nothing had been accomplished. But after I received the forgiveness of sin by the grace of God, I have never failed even once.”

Pastor Ock Soo Park was born in 1944. By the Grace of God he received the forgiveness of sin and was born again in 1962. After this, he received training for faith through the efforts of Missionary Kays Glass, the first missionary dispatched from the WEC mission of the UK to Korea, and other evangelical missionaries who established a missionary school in which Pastor Park was one of the first graduates. Since then, for the past 50 years Pastor Park has lived his life only for the Gospel. He founded Good News Mission, an independent Baptist denomination, in 1971 through the guidance of God. Since then, Pastor Park has trained missionaries and set up churches all over the world. Now the Gospel is being spread to many people through 760 churches established in 80 countries.

Pastor Park has written not only ‘The Secret of Forgiveness of Sin and Being Born Again’ of which more than a million copies were sold nationally and internationally, but also many spiritual books that have changed the lives of many people. He has especially given sermons about the law of faith hidden within the book of Genesis in his Genesis Lectures, through both TV and radio broadcasting worldwide. His featured sermons were printed weekly in the LA Times (2005) and the NY Times (2006), both of which have moved many Americans back to the Lord.

In 2001, he established the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) in order to lead the youth of the world as future leaders. Now, IYF has grown into the biggest youth organization in the world. These activities including the IYF World Camp, Good News Corps Overseas Volunteer Program, Good News Medical Volunteers, and more are giving practical help to people around the world and are raising a new trend when it comes to leading the youth.

Also, Pastor Park is preaching the Gospel all over the world by training Christian leaders for the next generation through Mahanaim Bible College and Mahanaim Bible Training center. Currently, he is the main pastor at the Good News Gangnam Church.