[Dominican Republic] The Clear Will of God Preached Through the CLF

February 19 to 20: For two days at the Congreso Cristiano de Liberación located in La Vega, the Christian Leaders Fellowship (CLF) was held with 150 pastors and Christian leaders.

This CLF was not only hosted by the Good News Dominican Republic Church, but Pastor Benito Quiro, the president of the La Vega Pastoral Association who actively  partook in events and activities since several years ago, gave his enthusiastic support. Since last year as the CLF was held at many churches, the Word was able to be preached to more pastors and Christian leaders.

Congreso Cristiano de Liberación, where the CLF was held. Before the sermon, there was a performance by the teachers at the Saesori Music School.

“How Great Thou Art is a hymn that is loved particularly by Christians of the Dominican Republic, I am so happy to hear the praises by these beautiful voices and the violin as well as other instruments. I hope to often hear such praises and sermons.”

– Miriam Batista / Congreso Cristiano de Liberación church leader.

“How Great Thou Art”, praise by the teachers of the Saesori Music School.
Student Ana Rodriguez and teacher Lea Kim’s duet: ‘Al Final’

To the audience that opened their hearts as they heard the praise, the guest speaker, Pastor Cheonkwon Kim powerfully preached the Gospel through the Words in Romans chapter 3 verses 19 to 24.

“Today, people who do not know the bible precisely say they are sinners because they did not keep the law. However, sin entered the world before the law. That is why to say we are sinners because we did not keep the law does not make any sense. Whether we kept the law or not, we have all already become sinners because of one man, Adam. The law plays the role of a mirror that shows us our true image in front of God. It shows us that in all ways we cannot be perfect in front of God. We cannot stand in front of God with our works. Our works or the works of Jesus, we must decide on one of the two. Our sins have been washed eternally by the blood of Jesus. That is why when Jesus died on the cross, he died bearing the sin of the world. The words of John the Baptist talk about this: ‘Behold the lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world’. We have become eternally freed from sin. There is no longer a need for us to do anything more for sin.”

Pastor Cheonkwon Lee preaching the Gospel.

“Whenever I see what the Good News Mission does, I am always shocked. As I see the works the mission does, I can see what the life of a true Christian who lives in front of God is. Through the CLF that was introduced to our country by the Good News Mission, many pastors, leaders and saints have the time to hear the Word and our spirits are fattening. The sermon that unravels the bible so deep, wide and precisely always leaves a great impression on me. I wish to continue to have these meetings and hear the Word.”

-Pastor Benito Quiro / President of the La Vega Pastoral Association

Pastor Benito Quiro

“From the sermon of the pastor, the words about the law were most memorable in my heart. We did not truly think deeply about the law that God gave us. I lived thinking that I had to keep the law. I just lived thinking that I should be grateful for God’s grace. But today the pastor said that if you break one of the laws it is the same as breaking them all and that the law was given for the knowledge of sin. But because people do not know the will and heart of God precisely, they just vaguely think that if they keep the law that God will be pleased. Through the words of the pastor today, I could understand the heart of God.”

-Edwin Delonez / Congreso Cristiano de Liberación church leader

Pastors and Christian leaders attentively listening to the sermon.

 “All of the sermon was great and important. But what remains most clear and most memorable to me is that by the blood of Jesus our sins have been forgiven eternally and he made us perfected forever and that by the law is the knowledge of sin.”

-José Abeuro / Congreso Cristiano de Liberación church leader

The gospel being preached at  Congreso Cristiano de Liberación

‘Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?’, the new years message of 2020 is working actively all across the world. In this time when we can hear the footsteps of the Lord more clearly, there is much hope in how much more powerfully the Lord will work this year through the CLF tour in the Dominican Republic, the land of hope where it is the best to preach the gospel.