The July CLF World Convention in South Korea is an annual meeting for spiritual exchange, and cooperation of more than 1000 Christian leaders from about 92 different countries for the evangelization of the whole world. This is the largest world pastoral convention hosted by the CLF. Recently, the Christian leaders all over the world (from North America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, etc.) had gathered in South Korea and brought out world-spanning problems such as spiritual corruption of pastors, and etc.

Their fellowship of the Word was beyond denominations and doctrines and shared an opportunity to experience spiritual development, and improve their own personal life of faith. 3000 young adults from all over the world partici- pate in the World Culture Camp in tandem with the CLF. During the camp, the founder of the CLF, Pastor Ock Soo Park, bestows precious opportunities for the participants to become free from darkness to meet God through his Bible lectures. The spiritual change in the young adults through the camp will prove to be a valuable example as well as a chapter for the world Christian leaders learn how to spiritually guide the young adults.

The CLF in Korea will also be an opportunity to see how Korea, the Bud- dhist nation, had recently experienced an explosive spiritual growth, become a leading nation in worldwide Christianity. The spiritual fellowship between the pastors and members of the churches in Korea will deliver a new spiritual inspiration to the Christian leaders.

Program is intended for
Heads of various denominations, church pastors, elders, and youth group

Lecture & discussion, attendance of World Camp, Tour of South Korea, Korean church visits and homestay.

1 free year of lectures from Mahanaim Bible College and Cyber Theology School

  • Date:  July 6-16, 2020
  • Location:  Busan & Muju, South Korea
  • Fee:  $300 (USD) (includes room, board, and camp activities) (airfare not included)
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