This event aims to equip the hearts that pastors ought to have as true servants of God together with representative leaders of World Christianity. Through this event, many pastors learned about true faith, and are continuing powerfully in their ministries with the contents they have learned here every March, since 2017.
Servants of God who change the whole world with the gospel will arise through this program.

CLF Main Conference
The founder of CLF and main speaker of the program, Pastor Ock Soo Park, will be speaking to help establish only the Word in the hearts by clearly distinguishing the difference between the Word and Man’s thoughts.
That is why many pastors who have heard Pastor Ock Soo Park’s lectures have experiences where the word remaining in their hearts worked in them. Pastor Ock Soo Park will begin the lecture with repentance and faith unto the forgiveness of sin and progress in various angles for a life of faith which resolves the various problems that arise in our actual lives.

 CLF Special Lecture: “Eternal Redemption”
The foundation of all repentance and faith begins with the gospel. This lecture will systematically establish the gospel of the forgiveness of sin in the biblical background. We will begin with the faith which brings forth the assurance of the forgiveness of sin and move on to attaining the faith which will help us get free from any problem of our lives.

This is when we research and learn about various topics concerning life in the ministry. This program handles theological topics such as Tabernacle, Biblical figures, the law, church history, and etc. as well as topics we encounter in the field of ministry such as overseas mission, youth ministry, addiction and crime, family, and etc.

Group Fellowship
This program points to the clear answers to the topics that disrupt the life of faith and causes chaos in spiritual life and ministry. Also, participants can find plans of solutions through individual counseling with the mentors, especially about the various problems that you experience in your life and ministry.

Home Stay
Participating Christian Leaders from all over the world will visit the regional churches of the Good News Mission throughout the US after the main program to experience the lives of the members of the church and get a chance to fellowship and exchange with the pastors of various cities.

NY City Tour

  • Date:  3/16~25, 2020
  • Venue:
    1st week (3/16-20):
    Tilles Center at LIU Post
    720 Northern Blvd Brookville, NY
    2nd week (3/21-25):
    Visit local churches, Home stay
  • Fee:  $300
  • Email:
  • Registration/Website: