The October Grand Conference in Seoul, South Korea is an interdenominational crusade with Pastor Ock Soo Park, the founder of the CLF and the Good News Mission, as the guest speaker. The conference is the very scene where God’s Work takes place, where countless people are made righteous, as they are freed from sin by the Word of God preached by Pastor Ock Soo Park. The Grand Conference in Seoul CLF, which we host in tandem, is when pastors of representative authority fellowship to preach the proper gospel and discuss the problematic aspects of Christianity of the whole world.

Program is intended for
Pastors or Bishops of Representative authority of their denominations or churches

· Attending the Grand Conference in South Korea
· Attending the CLF Meetings
· Press conferences
· Korean church visit & homestay

  • Date:  10/16 – 10/25, 2020
  • Venue:  Seoul, South Korea
  • Fee:  TBA
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  • Registration/Website: