Founding background
As a spiritual leader, a pastor must be able to preach the will of God as it appears in the word of God with a biblical distinction. However, without fellow- ship and exchange, they can only become spiritually isolated.
The CLF Executive Program is a spiritual exchange and fellowship for Christian Leaders designed to reach out beyond denominations to powerfully do the work of the Gospel by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is a program to nurture best pastors who will lead this age with precise biblical knowledge and fellowship.

Pastors / Theological Professors / Those looking to become pastors

Eternal Redemption, Church History, The Law and Grace, Tabernacle, Life of Faith, Youth Guidance, Health and Faith.

Biblical topics, Education, Lecture & Discussion, Tour, etc.

 Program Duration:  1 month

  • Recruitment:  Monthly
  • Venue:  Good News Central Bible Center
    3000 N. Grant Ave. Springfield, MO 65803, USA
  • Fee:  $500 (USD) / includes room, board, and tour
  • Phone:  1-888-466-9846
  • Email:
  • Registration:  Visit the Program webpage or Good News Mission branch churches
  • Website: