[Argentina] CLF Meeting with Pastor Terry Henderson

The CLF Meeting was held on February 20 from 10 am to 12 noon. The CLF was prepared immediately after the Paraguay World Camp and so the time seemed to be insufficient but with the hope that the gospel will be planted all across Argentina, the team invited pastors and a total of 60 pastors attended.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Social Welfare, Liliana Suarez attended the CLF meeting. She had visited the Argentinian church to find ways to work for the youth with Christian churches and she expressed her desire to work together with us.

Minister Francisco began with the MC duties and showed the CLF video introducing the CLF to be opened in March in the United States. The introductory message was given by pastor Dohyun Kim, “Recently several presidents of Central American countries have received salvation through the World Camp. It is an amazing thing for a sinner to be born again by receiving salvation.”

Next was a solo performance by the Bird Songs teacher Hanna Lim and then another song by the children choir which moved the hearts of the Christian leaders.

Pastor of New York Church in the US, pastor Terry was the guest speaker for the CLF. Pastor Terry preached the gospel about the 10 lepers shown in the book of Luke chapter 17. The reason why Jesus told them to go and show their bodies to the priest is because in his eyes, their bodies were already clean. In the same way, even though I may look like a sinner now, in the eyes of God, He cleansed my sins through Jesus and now we are righteous and holy.

[Gustavo Guaimas / President of Hisidro Casanova Pastors’ Meeting]

As I heard the words of Pastor, I obtained new strength to preach. It was a good opportunity for me to think about the love of God once again. I realized that by faith in God, all things were already accomplished. This was my first CLF meeting but the performances, the music were all beautiful. I hope to visit the CLF in Korea and meet Pastor Ock Soo Park.

[Bishop Pablo Real / President of Theological School]

I think it was a great blessing to listen to the words of Pastor Terry from New York. Through the  sermon I was able to obtain hope and learn of the power of God’s salvation. I think the pastors of the Good News Mission are tremendous preachers. I already knew the mission but Pastor Park knows precisely what the gospel is and what is the work of God.