About CLF

“Let’s go beyond doctrines and denominations, and connect with the Word and unite as one.”
CLF (World Christian Leaders Fellowship) was gathered as ‘New York CLF World Conference’ in 2017 and the Asia CLF in Hong Kong, there were over 24,000 pastors from 70 countries.
Beyond denominations and sectors, only communicating with the Word, and being united in one, is being held all over the world.
There are some forces that denounce Good News Mission to heresy, but once you look into it,
you may discover that many Christian organizations beyond the boundaries of country and denominations are exchanging actively by requesting practical
and realistic cooperation being united with the Bible messages of the Good News Mission.

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People with CLF

Pastor Ock-Soo Park gives spiritual help to the people who suffer from sin, those who are skeptical about their formal religious life, people who suffer from various problems of life to have the confidence of salvation and live a born-again life with joy.